The Newtown Creek Armada is a collaboration between artists Laura Chipley, Nathan Kensinger, and Sarah Nelson Wright, and is presented in partnership with North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (nbART) and with support from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the North Brooklyn Boat Club. It has received grants from the Hudson River Foundation, the Brooklyn Arts Council, In Our Backyards (ioby), Macktez, and Feast Brooklyn. It has been made possible through the support of many community organizations and individuals.

Community Partners

The North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (nbART) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to collaborating with artists and community stakeholders in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick to produce, present, and support public art. The Newtown Creek Armada was created as a response to nbECO 2012, nbART’s open call seeking environmentally and sustainability-conscious art installations.
NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection operates The Newtown Creek Nature Walk at The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The plant is hosting and providing essential onsite support for The Newtown Creek Armada.
The Newtown Creek Nature Walk
The North Brooklyn Boat Club (NBBC) is dedicated to enabling and advocating for human-powered boating on and environmental restoration of the waterways bordering Greenpoint & Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The NBBC is providing maritime support for The Newtown Creek Armada.
NHS Hobbies is a full service hobby shop in Ridgewood, Queens that is serving as an advisor and providing in-kind support & services to the boats of The Newtown Creek Armada.


The Hudson River Foundation is providing a grant to support continued exhibition of The Newtown Creek Armada.
Hudson River Foundation
The Newtown Creek Armada is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC).
BAC 2012 Grant Recipients
The Armada was the recipient of the Macktez 2012 Summer Stipend development grant to support its onsite video installations.
Macktez Summer Stipend
In Our Backyards (ioby), a fundraising platform for environmentally engaged projects, provided matching funds from the Greening Western Queens Fund of the North Star Fund.
The Armada on ioby
FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) Brooklyn is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging art makers. The Armada received a FEAST Grant at FEAST #12 in January 2012.
FEAST Brooklyn

Community Supporters:

Alloco Recycling
Newtown Creek Alliance
The Diamond Bar

Individual Advice and Support:

Jim Pynn, Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Eric Klee, Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Willis Elkins, North Brooklyn Boat Club
Jens Rasmussen, North Brooklyn Boat Club
Dewey Thompson, North Brooklyn Boat Club
Edward Wohlers, NHS Hobbies
Eileen Alter, Department of Environmental Protection
Helen Ho, In Our Backyards (ioby)
George Trakas, Artist & Designer of the Newtown Creek Nature Walk
Kate Zidar, Newtown Creek Alliance
Mitch Waxman, Newtown Creek Pentacle
Natalie Jeremijenko, Artist
Nathan Fitch, Artist

Contributing Artists:

Willis Elkins
Linda Gao
Nathaniel Lieb
Rachel Messer
Aleksei Stevens


Erin Beirnard
Graham Clark
Laura Dietrick
Carolina Ferreras
Tamara Gubernat
Joseph Hoffman
Hunter Jack
Sabrina Lee
Shanna Lowe
Johnny Lowe
Rachel Messer
Barbara Nelson
Iva Radivojevic
Geremy Schulick
Ariana Souzis
Morgen Stevens-Garmon
Sam Stein
Jennifer Stock
Christian Sutter
Emily Sutter
Sarah Temple-Raston
Kristana Textor
Lindsay Turley
Stephen Wright


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.
The Armada on Kickstarter.The Armada reached 131% of its Kickstarter fundraising goal through generous contributions from the following supporters:

Barbara Nelson
Stephen B. Wright
Cathy Glaser
Tanya Sleiman
Lizbeth Marano
Manos de Mexicanos
Andrew Miller
Cindy VandenBosch +
Andrew Gustafson
Kathy + Keary Kensinger
Morgen Stevens-Garmon
Ann Chipley Playe
Ronnie Davis
Emily R Sutter
Corey Wascinski
Pilar Ortiz
Amanda Dora
Elizabeth Albert
Meghan O’Hara
David Spritzler
Isabel Hill

Doris Cacoilo
René Fan
Sarah Nakhost-Karimi
Heidi J. Boisvert
Sabrina Lee
Hardy Wieting
Nate Dorr
Manique Wijewardena Bloom
Kristie Bergeron
James Siminoff
Laura Hadden
Nicholas Weissman
Kelly Anderson
Lisa Gaytan
Colette Robert
Michael Attie
Samara Smith
Fivel Rothberg

Vanessa Gould
Tim Portlock
Victoria Funari
Carolina Ferreras
Janelle Gunther
Alicia Vogel
Michael Gitlin
Sam Stalling
Brica Wilcox
Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Lou Venech
Casi Kushel
David Wanger
Alice Arnold
Matthew Kime
Ahmed AL Mamari
David Dunlop
Michael Sorgatz
Iva Radivojevic
Rachel Stevens

Liz Clayton
Jeff Bergman
Pete Beatty
Sam Feder
Herre Echsner
Andrea Echstenkamper
Derek Kensinger
Michael McGregor
Tieg Zaharia
Christine Fazio
Roger Wong
Sean Patch
Grant Heppes
Chrysanthe Tenentes
Nick Normal